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Our satisfaction from successfully completed sunday cleaning might not be so great if we realize that after we cleared the mess at home it continuous directly outside in the nature. As a result of the many detergents that we’ve used to tidy up, a large amount of toxins, some of which indecomposable, is discarded in the world outside. Most of these toxins are produced from petroleum products and besides that pollute the environment, they often reach back to us and lead to health problems such as infertility, hormonal disorders, cancer and other dangerous diseases.

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Everyone knows that one of the most important things is to keep our home clean and safe from all the harmful microorganisms in the environment. That is the reason why almost all of the cleaning detergents are made of chemical agents. This fact however is not entirely positive because these agents can cause large damage to our health and especially to our children’s health. Their immune system is developing and not strong enough to overcome the bad influence of the chemicals and that often causes allergies for life. Like everything else this problem has solution too and it calls nature.

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Undoubtedly the cleaning products sold in the stores are strong and effective. But in addition, they contain a number of dangerous toxic substances, which can be created special health problems. From the “harmless” as irritation of skin and eyes, to more serious – burning of the respiratory tract, asthma and poisoning. It is therefore no surprise that more and more people are turning to the forgotten old tricks and recipes to clean their homes. They are cheap, easy to prepare and pure. The experts from “Magic of cleaners” collected their “green” secrets and give you six great ways to replace the ready-made cleaning products with … lemons.

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The corn farina is commonly used ingredient in the culinary, especially when the sauces, soaps or puddings need to be thickened. However, there are many options to put it in to practice outside the kitchen. Cornstarch is available to everyone and can be applied at home cleaning in many different ways.

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Getting rid of the toxic cleaning products is one of the first changes that you should take if you decided to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Even if you are newbie in this area, creating your own natural and homemade cleaning products is a great way to join the others who thus protect the planet and protect their families. The cleaning products are among the most dangerous substances that can be found in a home. It is almost impossible to be sure of the safety of store-bought detergents. The side effects of many of the products occur only after users have already “suffered”. Who would like to bathe their children in a bathtub filled with toxic waste or allows your baby to crawl on the floor, cleaned with chemicals that in turn depress the central nervous system? I guess not you! So how do you make sure that the cleaning products you use in your home are safe? Fortunately, the answer is very simple … clean with environmental homemade products, using safe and simple ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen!


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