Regularly vacuuming

Even if the carpet doesn’t look dirty, its fibers attract dust, retain the microscopic rubbish so the carpet becomes a favorable environment for bacterial growth. Regular vacuuming will help you get rid of dust and debris and return the fresh look of the carpet. This is especially true if you have asthma or other respiratory problems, and if you suffer from dust mite allergy.

Cleaning the carpet stains

If you spill something on the carpet and act quickly on its removal, you won’t need to use chemical detergents for spots. There is a way to clean up the place with the means at hand. First, take a dry sponge or cloth and blot dry with gently pat the liquid from the carpet. If the stain is thick – like spaghetti sauce, or vomit, for example, take a dull knife or spoon and removing excess debris from the carpet.

Then you have different options and combinations of products according to the type of contamination. To remove grease stains from the carpet you can use salt – it will extract the fat. For a spot of coffee, wine or fruit juice, use baking soda dissolved in a little water – spread on the contamination, wait to dry and clean the place with a vacuum cleaner. If your pet has done his physiological needs on the carpet, blot the excess fluid and spray the area with a solution of water and vinegar (1: 1).

Once you have completed these home remedies, wash the affected area with mild soap solution and a sponge. Carpet stains are removed! Leave the windows open to allow the carpet to dry faster.

Cleaning the carpet with steam

It is better if you have a home steam cleaner to treat the carpet with it at least once every two weeks. It does not have to use detergent – hot steam kills germs in the fibers of the carpet instantly. If you suspect that the carpet has mold or mold appeared, add to the water of steam cleaner cup of vinegar. The smell of vinegar disappears in less than a day after cleaning.

Hiring professionals

It is strongly recommended to call a team of professional carpet cleaning at least once a year and people with allergies – once in 3-4 months. However, make sure that you hire a company that uses sustainable products when cleaning the carpet. The good thing in hiring professionals is that they displace even heavy furniture to reach the hidden spots. Furthermore, the carpets dry faster thanks to powerful equipment they use.