The cleaning – a general or surface is best to be done in the first half of the day.

– Carpet cleaning – Our advice is to take care of the floor and the flooring in the morning hours. This is the time when the body is less vulnerable and has a better resistance to the action of harmful bacteria and allergens (which we face during the cleaning).

– Lamps, statuettes, vases – Carefully wipe it both inside and outside.

– Windows cleaning – Highly contaminated glass stop up to 35% of the sunlight into the room. This, of course, does not harm the air in your home, but can lead to vision problems in children. Do not forget to wipe the windowsills as well.

– Air conditioner – If your home is near a busy street, avoid open the windows in the hours when traffic is busiest (morning – 8-9 o’clock, lunch – 12-13 o’clock and in the evening – 18-19 o’clock). Count on fresh air from the air conditioner BUT you need to follow some very important rules. If you have a little child at home, the distance between the crib / place to play and the air conditioner must be not less than two meters. You need to clean regularly the filters of the air conditioner (otherwise the collected dirt goes in the air). And the air flow should not be directed to the child.

– Green friends – clean healthy air at home is impossible without plants. They emit the oxygen and increase the humidity, and some (such as rubber plant, lemon tree, aloe and green lily) disposed of pathogenic microorganisms. One or two pots in each room are sufficient.

– Windows + veranda – Ventilate your home at least four times a day. 5-10 minutes is enough to refresh the air inside. Air sessions are mandatory during rain and snow because then the air is the most rich in ozone.

– Living Room – In rooms where the family spends the most time windows should be opened every hour.

– Kids’ room – For a comfortable life the humidity should be maintained 50-60%. The most effective method is by using a humidifier. This can be achieved by a regular refreshing with a sprayer and daily wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth.

– Bedroom – should be aired immediately after waking (before sunrise the air is rich in ozone and negative ions) and then again after an hour.

– Bathroom – After showering or a thoroughly cleaning when the bathroom is filled with steam and cloud of moisture it should be immediately ventilated to remove the excess humidity (injurious to health). After an hour ventilate again.