Mix a little coconut oil with essential oil of tea tree or rosemary and stir it well. You can use the mixture as insect repellent on your skin when you stand in the open or used it at home to scare the ants and cockroaches away. If you want to keep the pesky insects away, put some of the mixture into the areas from which they come and we can promise you that you won’t see it again.

Use coconut oil either individually or mixed with a little baking soda to remove the sticky labels of the furniture and objects bought for home. Smear the dirty places and allow the oil to work and then remove the stickers and labels very carefully, in order not to damage the surfaces. The mixture can also remove remnants of chewing gum on the soles of shoes or gum stuck in someone’s hair. Smear the place damaged by the gum, wait for a while the mixture to work and carefully remove the gum.

Use coconut oil to polish the surfaces of metal. With its help, you can rub the cast iron cookware and keep them polished. Before cleaning the surfaces, test on a small part, to see how the oil will work.

You can use the oil to keep your guitar in good condition, such as putting it as a lubricant on its strings.

Lay a little coconut oil on a soft kitchen towel and with its help wipe the dried soapsuds in the shower and on the walls in the bathroom. Clean the surfaces well and spray a little vinegar before you rub the bathroom with a dry cloth.

If your pets, dog or cat have fleas, you can try to remove them with coconut oil. Spread it in the animal’s fur and let it work. It is safe for animals, so there is no problem if they swallow it.

Apply a little coconut oil on a dry cloth and wipe with it the leaves of the houseplants. This will replace the harmful chemical ingredients that contain the detergents, sold on the stores for the cleaning of the leaves with natural means which can ensure luster.

Use coconut oil instead of mineral spirits to clean paint brushes after using oil-based paints.

Apply a little coconut oil on the kitchen scissors before cutting any sticky products such as dates. So the blades of the scissors won’t keep the sticking food and you will be able to clean it easily.

Use coconut oil to polish furniture. Mix it with a little lemon juice and apply the mixture with a soft cloth on the surfaces you want to polish. Rub well and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

With a little coconut oil you can fix the creaking hinges of the doors and windows. Grease the hinges with oil and spread the good to come in all the holes of the hinge, so to reduce friction.

Keep the good condition of the kitchen boards with coconut oil. Apply it regularly on the boards and rub well with a dry cloth. No need to remove or wash away as it will soak into the wood.

Use coconut oil to maintain the good condition of the leather furniture. Rub it with a soft cloth with a little coconut oil on it, then wipe with a dry cloth.