1. Remove the smell of paint

Fresh paint can have very intrusive smell. To remove it, you can put a few plates with ammonia in each room painted. If the smell does not disappear within a few days, replace it with new fluid.

2. Shine for the crystal

Clean the mat surfaces of the crystal vessels with a solution of a few drops of ammonia and 2 cups of hot water. Rub with a soft cloth, immersed in the solution or with a brush. Rinse and dry with a soft dry cloth.

3. Repellent for moths

To banish the moths out of the room, clean the surfaces of furniture with a solution of a half cup of ammonia and one liter of water. Treat well inside the cabinets and drawers and then let them ventilate of the smell.

4. Clean the oven

Clean the surfaces of the electric oven quickly and easily with a little ammonia. Heat the oven to 65 degrees and turn it off. Place inside it a cup of ammonia, half full. On the lower level of the oven put a pot of boiling water. Close the oven door and leave the liquids to process for the night. Then open the oven, remove the cup and the pot and ventilate it. Clean the surfaces with a cloth dipped in ammonia, wipe with a solution of dish soap in warm water, than with a clean cloth and allow drying. Do not use this method of ovens that run on gas. Movable grates from the oven you can clean by soaking them in a bath in which you mixed warm water and half a cup of ammonia. Wait to infuse for 20 minutes and wipe with a cloth.

5. Clean the doors of the fireplace

Dark layers of the inside of the fireplace’s glass can be removed with a simple mixture of 1 tablespoon ammonia, 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 liter of warm water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and treat the glass surface with it. Wait to work for a few seconds and wipe with an absorbent cloth. If necessary, repeat and leave the mixture for a few minutes.

6. Clean the darkened brass and silver

With plain old toothbrush you can remove the discolored areas on brass and silver. Dip the brush into ammonia and scrub surfaces. Wipe with a soft cloth.

7. Remove the foam residues in the bathroom

With a little mixture of ammonia and water you can remove the grease and foam soap on the surface of the sink and tub. Mix 1 tablespoon ammonia and 4 liters of water, preferably hot, and this mixture treat contaminated bathroom surfaces. Rinse well with warm water. Clean the bathroom tiles with a sponge that is soaked in a quarter cup ammonia in 4 liters of water. This mixture will remove the contamination and the mold.

8. Clean carpets and upholstery of furniture

Dissolve the stains on the carpet or fabric upholstery with a little mixture of 1 cup of ammonia and 2 liters of water. Apply the mixture with sponge directly on the contaminated parts, allow it to dry completely and repeat if necessary.

9. Rub the windows

Dirt and grease marks on the glass you can remove with a soft cloth dampened with a mixture of 3 cups water 1 cup ammonia.

10. Keep away from trash stray the homeless animals

Small waste bins are easy to turn, especially by larger animals. Put a little liquid ammonia in a spray bottle and process outside of the trash and its cover it. The pungent smell is repellent to animals.