Polish the things made of silver

You can polish with a little cornstarch the silver cutlery and silver surfaces in the room. Mix the farina with a little water to form a paste and dip the cloth in it. Treat the silver surfaces with the cloth, polishing them as well, leave the mixture to dry and wipe it with a dry cloth. The silver will become like brand new. The cornstarch paste is a perfect solution for the silver jewels too so there will be no need to bring them for polishing.


Clean the grease stains on the fabrics

Perfect way to remove the persistent stains of grease in materials such as the upholstery of the furniture or curtains is to powder them with little cornstarch on the stain. Leave a few minutes so the starch can absorb the grease and treat the area with a brush to remove the remaining partials of it. If the stain is very hard to remove you can use vinegar to dissolve the grease better and after that just wash the materials as usual. With this technique you can clean leather upholstery and the carpets.


Clean the furniture from the detergents

Sometimes on the furniture left traces of the detergents that you have used for clean it. These traces are unpleasant and in some cases difficult to remove. There is a simple way to eliminate these remainders from the detergent ingredients. Just sprinkle a little cornstarch on the surface of the furniture and let it work for a few moments to absorb the liquids. Wipe it with a soft cloth and then polish the surface.


Wipe the windows in the room

Instead of giving extra money for expensive detergents for the glass, wipe the windows in the room with a mixture of cheap and available materials that can be found in almost every kitchen. Mix a little liquid soap or dishwashing liquid with cornstarch, dilute it with water and use the solution to clean the glass. Use one teaspoon of both ingredients and add three liters of water. Stir the mixture well and clean the glass with a sponge soaked you with it. The soap cleans the dirt and the starch absorbs the grease just a perfect combination.


Clean the surface of the carpets

You can treat the contaminated surfaces of carpet with a mixture of baking soda and a little cornstarch. The soda absorbs the odors and the farina the grease from the fabrics. Allow the mixture to work for at least an hour, then scrub the carpet with a stiff brush and use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dry mixture and the dirt in it. If there are any stains, you need to remove them beforehand.


Smooth the fabrics

Some people use a special spray liquid with farina during the ironing to make the clothes more stiff and the stains from dirt and sweat more unsteady. Instead of buying a liquid starch, do your own by mixing one tablespoon corn farina with a half-liter of water. Transfer the liquid in the bottle spray, shake well and splash the clothes before ironing. As the dirt and sweat remains in the corn starch in the tissue, they can be removed more easily in the laundry.