There are many ways to clean the dirt without using any chemicals at all. The most common one is the natural soap. It is best if you can prepare it by yourself but if you can’t, this from the shop will do the same work. It can replace almost all of the detergents used for the cleaning. Just grate it in water and then used it for the washing of the floors or in lieu of washing powder.

Wonderful way to clean the greasy stains in your home is with lemon juice. This natural fruit acid can be putted into practice in many different ways. The course of action is simple, just spread it on the oily place then after half an hour wiped with towel powdered with salt. If you want to bring the glitter of your furniture back, mix lemon juice and olive oil in proportion 1:2 and your perfect polish is ready for use. The salt and the lemon are very useful together as we saw and even the rust can’t resist on their power.

The baking soda is irreplaceable assistant not only in the cooking but in the mess after it too. It is one of the most effective cleaners at home – removes the grease and helps in burnishing of the burned pots and pans, even unclogs the drains. The magic clean pasta is very easy to be prepared – in a half package of soda just add water till the mixture become thick enough. After that rub the dirty surfaces and rinse with fresh water, that’s all.

The magic of the baking soda doesn’t stop here. If you sense unpleasant smell from the fridge, put a bowl with soda inside and the stink will go away. After many years of usage the carpets and damasks eventually wear out. The soda will help with this matter too – sprinkle some of it over the dirty cloth and wait couple of hours. Then use the vacuum-cleaner and that is all – no smell and bright colors.

The clogged drain will be no problem anymore because it is a very easy solution – put a cup of baking soda in the channel and inundate with a cup of vinegar. You don’t have to be a chemist to guess that the reaction will be stormy. It will take a little time to stop boiling and after that rinse hot water – there will be no problems with the channels.

There is no escape from the stains particularly when we talk about children. The savior here is named peroxide. It bleaches and disinfecting all kind of materials. My advice is to try it on a little piece of the clothes because it is very strong and may cause damage.

The super vinegar is very useful as we already found out. The taps, glasses, windows and other smooth surfaces in your home will shine again when you use it to clean it. There is a simple recipe for universal cleaning liquid, which can be use everywhere at home – just mix 1.5 l water with one tablespoon vinegar, as easy as pie.

The smell is the first thing that we sense when we cross the threshold of the house and of course almost everybody use the fresheners full with chemistry. There is a better way to bring the pleasant fragrance inside – use the natural herbs. The usefulness of this method has two direction, first is the nice aroma and the second has a name – aromatherapy. The most popular for this purpose is the lavender. It affects good to people who are nervous and under pressure.

Bring the pure nature in your life and enjoy the good health and spirit.