1. Never clean the laminate flooring with a damp cloth and allow the surface to get wet too much, as there is a risk the water gets under the surface of the boards and damage it. The best way for the standard cleaning is to clear the floor with a vacuum cleaner and very slightly damp cloth. If however you spill something on the laminate, wipe up the liquid as quickly as possible with a towel. Do not leave liquids to stay too long on the floor.


2. Never apply on your laminate floor wax or acrylic coatings.


3. Never wash the laminate with soap or with any liquid detergent. This can cause swelling, distortion and damage both the surface layer of the pavement, and the links between its individual parts. When you are choosing a detergent always check with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


4. When cleaning, never use wires, abrasive cleaners and strong detergents with high content of chlorine or ammonia.


5. When choosing a detergent to remove stains you must also comply with the advice of the manufacturer. The standard cleaning agent is acetone, which is used to remove the burned from cigarette or stains caused from nail polish. For easy application of the selected product, you can put it in a bottle – spray and lightly spray the contaminated part of the floor (insert safety goggles and a mask on your mouth, not to inhale the preparation). Finally wipe with a clean dry cloth.


6. To remove stains from soil, which you cannot clean with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner, use a slightly moistened cloth. For stubborn stains from grease, paint, marker, lipstick, ink, glue or resin, use pure not colored cloth, slightly dampened with acetone (nail polish remover). Finally, wipe the remaining with a slightly damp cloth.


7. To remove stains from wax or gum, you need to make them solidify by covering the top with a piece of ice and then gently scrape off the stain with a plastic knife or credit card. Be careful not to scratch the surface – for this purpose do not use anything metal during the scraping. Finally, wipe with a clean damp cloth. More heavy stains – for example pastel, pen, etc., treat with cleaner for laminate flooring, recommended by the manufacturer.


8. Pets can also damage the surface of the flooring, so make sure that their nails are maintained by their regular cutting (refer to the vet). Do not let your cat sharp nails on the floor, even if they are cut.


9. Put on the legs of furniture protective pads to slide them more easily. Never try to push heavy furniture or objects on the floor because you risk damaging the laminate. Under the furniture on wheels put protective mat.


10. Place doormats outside the front door and at the door leading to the garage and basement. This will reduce the risk to bring thence solids, sand, pebbles and therefore particles that can scratch and damage the surface of the laminate. This will also reduce the amount of dirt, sand, grease and even asphalt daily import in your home by shoes. You will keep the floor safe and your home more clean.