First of all we’ll share a few quick lessons for efficient house cleaning

You may wonder how our grandmothers and mothers have cleaned their homes when there haven’t been so many different products in the stores. Even, if you think, you will realize that back then there were not so many shops. In the modern world shelves are full with detergents, but to put it boldly – they are not always helpful and sometimes very harmful to the health. It is always recommended when you maintain cleanliness in your home to bet on environmental and easy cleaning.


Vinegar – our first friend in the main house cleaning

In many of our previous articles we told you about the vinegar and its essential qualities such as first assistant in the home. Well, yeah! It still holds the first place. See our simple recipe for cleaning the oven with its help. Fill a cup with vinegar or lemon juice, then put it in the oven and let it warm up to boiling. Thus respectively vinegar or lemon juice stains the walls of the stove. Leave it to work for half an hour. Then fill a pot of tepid water and take a cotton cloth. Soak the cloth in the water and begin to wipe the oven walls. Yes, you will not believe what is happening. The oven is clean again. This method is not only cheap and fast, but also environmentally friendly.


Baking soda – cleans quickly and easily

We all know the baking soda as an ingredient in the bakery.  Have you ever thought that it can clean up deposits, fat, tanned and banish odors? How to use it to clean the oven? It is very easy. You only need to mix half a packet of baking soda with warm water. After you add the water, keep stirring until you get a thick mixture. Then take an old hair paint brush and spread the sides of the oven. If there is enough mixture you can use to clean the burners too. Wait 30 – 40 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. Except your range, this mixture can clean effectively the tanned vessels too.


Wet pumice – destroys the grease deposits and returns the shiny look of the vessels

The pumice is not useful only in the cosmetic. If you wet a piece of it you can successfully get rid of all unpleasant deposits inside your oven. This method is a little harder than the two above but it is also very efficacious.


We gave you three simple ways to clean your oven with cheap and accessible ingredients but it will be better if you try to keep you oven clean. If you bake something which you know that will soil your oven just cover the pan with aluminum foil. That will safe you efforts and time. It is better to avoid products that contain caustic soda or other toxic substances. There is a risk, remains of preparations, to stay in the oven and when you cook they can fall into the food.