Here are some important recommendations which can help you in the fight with mold at home:

– When you commence with the removal of the mold, provide insulation of the cleaned room from the rest of your home. This will prevent the easy spread of spores in the other premises. If there are windows in the room the best thing to do is to keep it open throughout the procedure. Otherwise you need to literally seal the affected room.

– High-end air conditioners and machinery for air control could be a useful ally as filter air masses and limiting the spread of mold in the rooms.

– During the removing of the mold it is recommended to use appropriate protective equipment, including gloves, mouth mask, glasses, etc. This is extremely imperative if you have respiratory problems such as asthma and others.

– The porous materials which are part of the furniture of the room, where the mold has already spread is imperative to be discarded. It is most certain that there are spores inside of them and without their removing you will face the challenge of home mold again very soon. This type of furniture most often includes curtains, carpets, wooden ornaments, etc.

– The room where the mold is spread needs to be cleaned perfectly from any remaining. Even the smaller lapse can bring you back to the square one in extremely short time. It is recommended to use detergents which are active against mold so you can get rid of it for good.

– It is very important to remove or isolate the source of moisture. As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning exactly they are the cause for the appearance and developing of mold in every premise. If we talking about the bathroom you need to be very careful and think about, how to dry it faster and because if you don’t do it the spores are going to spread all around.

– Before you start to furnish again it is absolutely obligatory to dry the room ideally. Don’t be in a hurry because you can return the problem back which I believe is the thing that you want to do less.

Bonus tip: Good option to deal effectively with the mold in your home is to put white vinegar in a bottle with a sprayer and spray problem areas. Leave it to act for 1-2 hours just to be sure that the necessary work is done. Then, with the help of water and suitable equipment, clean the sprayed areas – the smell of vinegar will disappear after a few hours and if you make a good maintenance the mold will be gone forever!