Juice stains

They are very common and annoying, but can be removed seamlessly even from a bright carpet. The first and most important thing that we need to do is to swab up the stain with a dry cloth. We should do this action very carefully because there is a chance to scatter the liquid and to make the stain bigger. Take an empty bottle and fill it with one table spoon of soap dish and ¼ cup apple vinegar. Then top up with warm but not too hot water and that’s all. Use this mixture to steep the stain and leave it for ten minutes, after that use a dry cloth to soak the liquid from the carpet.


Stains done by our pets

To have a pet is such a wonderful thing but sometimes love is not the only thing that we get from the animals at home. Everybody knows that when the dogs or cats are new in our home there is a period of familiarization. During this time you may find a puddle or two in many places in your home and the carpet will be the first in the line. The mischiefs at home are inevitable but we will tell you how to deal with this type of carpet cleaning. Mix ½ vinegar and ½ hot water, pour the stain lavishly and leave for a few minutes. Then blot with a dry cloth, but just before it becomes fully dry, sprinkle with baking soda. To finish the procedure in coffee cup put oxygen water and a table spoon of dish soap. Pour this mixture on the stain and rub it in. After it is dried clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If you follow our tips there won’t remain a trace from the stain!


Stains from coffee or tea

It happens to everyone, once or twice, to spill something on the floor and of course to deal with the mess after that. In case that this something is coffee or tea you need to be very quick. In case that you don’t clean the stains in time maybe you are going to need a new carpet. This type of stain should be approached carefully in order avoid the yellowish, quite visible and unpleasant residue on the carpet. One way is to use a soda-water but you better count on the oxygen one because the hydrogen in it will remove the stain. Before everything else we need to absorb the spilled drink with dry cloth because in other case we will make the spot larger. The next step is to spill a liquid again but this time the right one – the oxygen water. After around five minutes wipe the stain with clean and dry cloth and that is all – a real magic!



The sharp knife is a dream for every housewife but we all know that it might be a great danger too. The accidentally cut of your finger during the preparation of the dinner is very unpleasant but even worse is to find stains from blood on the carpet. They are nasty, persistent and could happen in every home. The most important thing you need to remember is that the bloodstains should be treated only with cold water. Never use warm or hot water because it clots the blood and the spot on your carpet will stay forever. Our lightening reaction is the main condition to deal with this problem without the help of professional cleaners. The solution is simple – take a bottle, fill it with cold water and dissolve inside two tablespoons of washing detergent. Then pour a part of the mixture on the stain and wipe it with a dry cloth. If the stain is not removed from the first try you need to repeat the procedure.