You need to pay special attention to your fridge and its lockers because that is the place where the food is kept. There is a research which proves that the cleaning of this part of the house is the most hateful of the housewives. But that is because they didn’t know the easiest and most harmless way to do that chore. The perfect natural solution is a simple mixture made of water and vinegar (or lime juice), in equal proportions. You need to soak all movable parts of the fridge and to splash it inside, then just rinse out with fresh water. That is the magic of the perfectly clean fridge.

The sponge on the kitchen sink – you can’t imagine how dangerous it is. The experts said that this indispensable part of every home is 200 000 times more dirtily than the toilet. Can you even imagine that? To protect ourselves from this hidden threat we need to change the sponges very often or to wash them with very hot water (over 60°)

Our cleaning tour continues with the hidden area between the furniture. Maybe there are only a few centimeters between the fridge and the kitchen cupboard but that surely is the spot that you washed most rarely. Don’t save time at the expense of cleanness.

If you are a person who cares for the environment I have no doubts that when you go shopping you are using reusable bags. That is great and very responsible but do you remember the last time when you washed that bags? I’m sure that you don’t and that is very common mistake because everyone underestimates the dirt which sticks to the bags.

I bet that you cannot guess which the most unclean thing in your home is. Don’t lose time and go clean the remote control of the TV and then continue with your cell phone and hands free devices. These are the most usable belongings in our daily round but somehow we forget to clean it. Fortunately that is corrigible, just grab the antibacterial wipes and destroy the dangerous microbes.

The distinctive marks of the fuss-pots are the clean clothes. It is of frequent occurrence that even they forget about the hats. Depending on the kind, material and the design there are different ways to keep this important accessory in good condition.

The worst thing in our busy life is that we haven’t enough time for moving. That is the reason of the great popularity of the fitness activities and even the busiest one can spend some time to take care of the good health. So far so good, but after the strenuous day and exhausting training, your last thought will be about the laundry. I understand but don’t forget to put in the washing machine along with the fitness outfit you sport bag too because it is one of the dirtiest belongings that you have.

Most often we don’t realize how dusty are the lampshades till the moment when we have to change the light bulbs. The domestic dust is one of the most dangerous things in our home and it needs to be cleaned as often as we can.

When was the last time when you take a look at the top of the wardrobe and the high furniture? You don’t remember, I know that, but that famous dust is there too and it can cause quite unpleasant allergic reaction.

After this great cleaning take time to wash the broom, the vacuum-cleaner and all other instruments which help to maintain your home clean.