With the broom before the baby

It is very important to clean the house perfect before the coming of the baby. During the first days after birth, the immune system is immature and should not be confronted with disease-causing organisms. Therefore several weeks before it you may ask the future grandmother or the dad to help you in cleaning and “polished” home to perfection.


It is time for a thorough cleaning

Experts divided the methods of disinfection and cleaning of mechanical, physical and chemical.

Mechanical cleaning is the vacuuming. It gathers much of the microorganisms inside the carpet. Before you wash the covers with detergent, you must first collect the dust from it. The same goes for the terracotta and furniture. Thus the active ingredients in disinfectants and cleaning products will get faster to the germs hiding in it. The microorganisms die during the cleaning with a steam cleaner. This is relevant mostly to the harmful mites, which are a major cause of allergies and are distributed primarily in carpets, fabrics, mattresses and pillows. The steam cleaners can be used in all surfaces that withstand high temperatures. They are extremely practical when there is a baby at home because they clean without chemicals and operate at high (100°C) temperature.


Direct sunlight is part of the physical methods of disinfection. If you want to destroy disease-causing microbes on clothes, blanket, pillow or stuffed toys of the child, let them at least a few hours exposed to strong sunlight. It is important to know that the glass effects of sunlight dramatically reduced.

It is recommended to iron the clothes of your child. The dry heat is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. The fine fabrics should be ironed on one side and the thicker – of both. The high temperature of the iron destroys bacteria, viruses and spores. The washing has the same effect. Do not worry and add bleach to the white clothes of your child, there is no danger to irritate the sensitive skin. Chlorine, which is contained in it, and is volatile, at the high temperature of the water and during the drying and ironing, will evaporate. On the other hand, you must rinse the clothes of the baby and it is better to wash them in 90°C.


The cleaning with detergents is included to the chemical disinfection methods. There is no universal disinfectant. The proper selection is important to avoid the risk of damaging the materials from which the furniture is made of. To disinfect your home, you can use products containing chlorine, bleach for example, but you need to follow the instructions exactly. It is important to dissolve the bleach in cold water and to move the baby in another room at the time of cleaning. It is preferable to wash the treated surfaces once again with water. About 60% of the microorganisms die after the washing with a detergent. You can wash with detergent once a week. When cleaning the toys of the child you must rinse them very precisely. It is better to boil the rubber toys and to wipe the rest with 3% hydrogen peroxide. It can also be used for cleaning of the furniture, as it has very good disinfectant properties. When the disinfection is in progress it is better someone to take out the child for a walk.


The greatest dangers

The door handles and windows are the places that gather the most pathogenic microorganisms. Most people do not think of how by touching these surfaces they can transmit different bacteria at home. Therefore, these places should be cleaned daily.