Every human being has their individual character features, habits, needs and behavior. But all people have to eat, sleep, breathe, communicate and love – some more, some less. Family harmony is expressed precisely in the fitting of all these individual needs and activities to a common life matrix in which “happen” mutual respect, understanding and tolerance. Because harmonious family is like a healthy body – each performing its functions in harmony with others and with little effort. When this pattern is broken by some illegality, the harmony also suffers.

If you feel that the harmony of the home is not full, do not be discouraged. Instead, take the role of observer and try to find out who is the source of imbalance. Do not try to judge or correct the situation, investigate, hear and perceive what is happening. Think about what makes each of the family members happy and what lifts his spirit. At the same time introduced a few simple, but important for the general welfare, rules in the household with which everyone must comply. Even if you do not believe, the atmosphere in the house and the location of certain items also affect family harmony.


Healthy home for a family harmony according to the general principles

– The cozy, warm and harmonious home should be dry, clean and tidy.

– Clean and remove the mold and the moisture, which can cause asthma and allergic reactions not only in children but also in adults. Ask your spouse to repair leaking pipes and taps, to avoid attracting cockroaches and find a way to insulate all the external walls so not condense air.

– Remove the dust frequently and avoid the accumulation of many things in one place. Let your child collect the toys always in the same place, the shoes need to be arranged in a closed place (maybe cabinet) because they are a carrier of bacteria and dirt and if the pets lie on furniture, always beat out after them.

– Strive to hold free the open surfaces to avoid the accumulation of excessive dust and regularly clean air filters of all appliances (vacuum cleaner, air conditioning and hood).


Healthy home for a family harmony according to Feng Shui principles

– Strive the space behind all the doors to be spacious, clean and clear.

– Put all knives in the cabinets, even these which are in stand. On the one hand makes the kitchen more welcoming, and on the other – more secure (especially if you have small children).

– All windows and doors should be able to open and close easily. No creaking and without cavil, without missing handles and no visible damage to the surface.

– Avoid the furniture with sharp edges. However, if you have one, you can compensate with more rounded pillows and soft materials in the decoration. It must always stand firmly on the floor and not be shaken in any of the corners.

– Let it be well lit – as any room in the home and outside it, the stairs and the entrance. Change all light bulbs burned and broken contacts, avoid keeping your appliances into the outlet when not using it.

– Starting to pay more attention to indoor plants. As you know, they are a source of oxygen, but also on the positive life energy. They will not only decorate your home, but will also act as natural filters to purify the air.

– Avoid electrical appliances in the bedroom; the bed should not look at the door or in a mirror. In the family room you can put mostly sentimental objects (but not much) and your picture in a frame. In the kids room follow the same principles as there focus on the fresh motives, favorite toys and a family photo.