Let’s already move on to the stage where you have made renovation and everything is both repaired or finish construction, yet dirty and must be cleaned. The first thing you need to equip is a bucket, possibly larger, so you can be able to put as much as possible bigger things in it. You will need several rags, a sponge and also broom and shovel, depending on what dirt you made while you are repaired. Do not even think to start from the floor, this is a big mistake. First start even from the ceiling, but the floor is always last. You are going to move things, to carry and so on and as a result so many things will fall on the floor that you will be forced to clean it again. And you don’t want to do the same thing twice, right?


The most common repair at home is the change of the carpeted flooring with a laminate or parquet. After this type of renovation the main attention should be paid mainly on the floor and walls, because probably they will be scratched by placing the laminate. First, gather all the small particles that are left on the flooring and discard them. If there are remaining pieces, in case that you have taken a large amount of laminate, put them in an appropriate place, instead of throwing them away. It is likely, over the time, you need to repair or replace some of the boards, and if that happens you will not have to look for a suitable in the shops. If there are scratches on the walls, consider whether you can hide them with something or you need to repaint. Do not rush to paint the entire room in case it is possible with a small brush to hide only the scratches. It is time to get to the essential cleaning on the floor.

Before using any detergents, first go with a damp cloth the entire surface to rob the dirt and dust. You could even go twice for better results. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can now use the product for flooring. Pass thoroughly and carefully to wipe out all traces of the installation. Clean also the edges of the wall before returning all furniture and carpets and then wait for a while for better absorption of the detergent. It is better to think about the preparation for flooring, which keeps the wood from scratches and drying longer.


Well, we passed the part of the flooring, what if you changed the windows? This is a very common practice, because many of the houses still have old wooden windows which are not tight and energy efficient. After the new windows are already placed, it’s to clean anything so you see the final result. Once you remove those annoying patches on the framework, proceed to the window, which is definitely full of dirt. The larger garbage is good to be cleaned with a broom and shovel, until only the dirty floor surface stays. Wipe it with a damp cloth and if you want perfect results you can use a proper cleaner, according to what flooring you have under the window. Before you sit down and say “Windows – checked” don’t forget to clean the glasses. Always use a window cleaner and don’t wipe it with a wet cloth. The effect will be much greater and you won’t rub for hours until you remove the smallest contaminants.


Let pay a little attention to the bathroom. Replacing the sink, the tub, placing the showers box or even change all plates in the bathroom. All of this is extremely dirty and slow work and the cleaning after that is even much slower. Your first job, of course, is to clean all the instruments and large garbage, left over from the renovation. In every after repair cleaning, always begin with small steps, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest waste. The most significant problem with the change of the tiles is that there is always a trace of the adhesive, which if you don’t remove immediately, can remain there forever. Do not make this mistake. Take strong thinner or if you can, try with a large amount of nail polish remover and scrub hard. This technique always works, and the result is that you have a perfectly clean tiles. Even glass cleaner can do the trick, just try.