The trick of the coach

You: You are more than sure that you can do the domestic work better than your husband. Often you feel guilty if you ask him for help. Sometimes, however, it is very difficult to control the situation.

He: Is convinced that the cleaning of the baby’s room consists of piling up the toys in the corner.

Solution: Think of your husband as a soldier. You are a small army, which must bind together. And if your family is a newly formed team, then you can be a coach! So act like one.

– Do not take over all the responsibilities. You need to teach your husband to be responsible, capable and willing to cooperate.

– The cleaning is not something like an honorable job to a mother-perfectionist. Do not split the domestic work to genders – made it important for each family member.

– You need to explain to your husband how to do things. Remember that no one is born learned. You have to admit that before you heard Mendelssohn, didn’t liked so much to fix your bed (not to mention the weekly cleaning of the bathroom).

– Accept that each person has a different approach to make the job done. Yes, he didn’t wash the dishes you like. Yes, the whole sink overflows with foam and water. However: Close your eyes for a while. More important is it to get him used to that the dishes after dinner are his obligation until you put the child to sleep. And do not forget to greet him when he did the job well.

– Defining time limits in which the work must be done and keep him responsible for his part of the chores. In all cases however is applied the rule to give clear and precise instructions for what you want him to do. Instead, “clean up the mess in the kitchen” is more effective “Wash the dishes and then wipe the sink.”

– Do not to focus your attention only on your husband. The children are also part of the team. Even in early childhood you may include them among helpers in the household. Turn the laundry into an entertainment – for every child will be fun to pull clothes from the washing machine or to submit your clips while you are hanging out the clothes. The sooner you join your child into the team, the easier it will be later.


Do everything together

If your husband never takes the initiative by himself, maybe he just needs some entertainment company, while completing the tedious household chores. The Solution:

– Find proper tasks to each of you while you are working in the kitchen, talk to each other, or simply listen to music. The same trick can be applied to the shopping, give him a list of required products and fix a time to meet him at the cashier at the store. Promise him a surprise! It may be just a kiss for a job well done or a small gift. The important thing is that he will know that after the shopping he will experience pleasant emotions.

– Divide the territory for cleaning at home. He could take the living room and the kitchen, and you the bathroom and the bedroom. While you cleaning together, he will not feel offended that he was doing the most difficult task, as long as you are walking in the sunny day under the pretext of shopping. After a while, swap the rooms (for the same reason: you will not have to listen to “Now in it’s the fifth week when I’m cleaning the bathroom!”)

– As with any workout, increases the workload gradually. Start every weekend with short 10-minute cleaning and gradually lengthen.

– Even one years old child can assist with the arranging of the dinner table. You can start with the bread basket and napkins. Let this be his duty when preparing the table. If you worry about your favorite porcelain, just replace it with plastic for a while. Use your imagination and do not give up!