Dispose of all unnecessary items and repair the broken

Everything damaged and broken generates negative energy in your home. If you want to breathe freely and make room for the new in your life, get rid of everything that no longer is in use and would hardly ever comes to it. Throw away all broken, jagged (cups, plates, vases, etc.) and irrevocably damaged (clocks, electric appliances, that will never work again). Discard the dried leaves of the houseplants. The cut flowers should always be in fresh water.


Remove the bouquet when it starts to fade. Check whether the taps are running (symbolically, this means that your money running away). Fix everything can be repaired, another broken tile in the bathroom, a blasted bulbs and so on. Too fast flowing energy is also bad for you. This usually happens when on one line is the door through which energy enters the house and the door of one of the rooms and the window in it. In such cases, the energy quickly flows out from the window. A long narrow hallway also causes energy to be worn like an arrow. This energy is called “sha” (breathing killer) and brings a lot of trouble and disease. Other causes of negative energy are the sharp corners of the furniture, the open bookshelves and the entire interior that looks threatening and annoys you. For example, pictures with carnivorous animals or weapon that stands on the wall above your bed.


Once you threw out all unnecessary items and repair the broken devices you should proceed to the main cleaning. Wash the whole house (add a little salt to the water), especially the windows that let in energy, they must always be clean. This thoroughly cleaning must be making at least once a month. Ventilate your home every day, by opening the windows one after another to enter the fresh air and sunlight.