The bleach is the best cleaner

No, it is a disinfectant. Kills germs and bacteria, fights successfully with mold, but it is not all purpose cleaner for daily use. It is not necessary to wash with it greasy countertop nor spray tanned walls of the oven. Not a good idea to clean the floor and furniture with it because you may know that the bleach has bleaching properties. It can do wonders with the fading color of your underwear but with its help you can successfully remove the poppies from the carpet in the living room without a problem and the same applies to the color of the wooden dresser. Not to mention how it smells. Pure, would say the fans of the chlorine detergent. But most likely they are not in the group of those suffering from allergy or asthma.


More soap, better result

Clearly, you cannot wash a sink full of dirty dishes with a drop of washing-up liquid. In this case it is much more efficient to soap the dishes thoroughly. Rinse well and then everything lights up. This is not workable for large surfaces that can’t be soused lavishly with water. The main characteristic of the soap is to attract contamination. The more dirt, more preparation you want to use to clean it. And more water and time will need to wash it away. If you fail, part of the preparation together with the retained dirt in it, just dries up back where you have previously tried to remove it. In other words, you will do a lot of work and there will be almost no effect.


Polish every time you clean

The furniture is no longer what it once was. New technologies and synthetic materials have long supplanted the natural wood of the leadership in the home decor. Logically, the preparation for polishing wood is hardly the best choice for the treatment of the surfaces that surround you at home. Perhaps they look like wood, but they certainly are not made by one. And even if they are, they do not need daily polishing to shine. Permanent mechanical and chemical (because of the preparations) influence, effects bad to the furniture. You can clean the dust often with a dry cloth and only in extreme cases, if are tempted, polish, but rarely.


The best cleaning of the windows is with newspaper

This statement also has many loyal followers who are ready to defend it as a consummate trick in the household. With the help of a newspaper the windows can be wiped off successfully. It dries and leaves no lint on the glass, but it could leave another kind of dirt – like ink and to smear it everywhere, especially on white PVC.


Frequent vacuuming destroys the carpet

The same applies to the washing, ironing and drying of the clothes but each of us makes it daily. Nobody is expected ordinary shirt to withstand years of use. And the carpet cannot serve for life either. It becomes dirty and then we wash it, beat it and vacuuming it – that is how the things go. But this does not mean that you should stop doing it, not hurt it. That fact doesn’t mean to stop cleaning your carpet so you save it from destruction. On the contrary, the dirty deposits in it are no less harmful to the fabric and create wonderful haven for dust mites and bacteria


If clean, let it be with vinegar

Not really. Vinegar is beloved assistant in housework and there are quite widely used in combination or not with soda, but not trusting his reputation. Vinegar is not the first friend of granite or marble kitchen countertop. It may not understand well with natural wood flooring , nor with some stubborn stains such as blood or ink.