The Bread

If there is dry bread in your kitchen, break it into small pieces and sprinkle it on the bottom of the utensils that you use for baking. This we safe you from rubbing and will make the cleaning more easily.

The Peels of the apples

When you pare apples don’t throw away the peelings because they can be very wholesome. Just dry them and make a tea which will relieve your condition in case of cold illness.

The Glairs

Very often in the culinary the egg whites are excluded from the recipes and are being thrown away. Not many people know that the glairs are perfect for breading of the cutlets.

The Cauliflower

It will keep its white color if you add the water in which you boil it coffee cup milk. Do not cover the pot.



The Henna

Moisten a cotton pad in a mixture of 10 g of ammonia, 50 g of oxygen and 50 g of plain water. Smear the stain and let it stand for ten minutes and then rinse.

The Beer

Frothy drink stains are difficult to clean. Prepare a solution of equal parts of ammonia, glycerin, alcohol and distilled water. With a soft brush dipped in it, rub the stain.

The Toothpaste

Place a piece of stiff paper under the garment and vigorously brush the stain with distilled water. If it is dried, you can scrape it off with a knife.

The Paint

You can clean it with pure glycerin. If the stain persists, add a little spirits.

The Ink

It will disappear with freshly squeezed lemon juice.


All sorts of tips…

The Furniture

To refresh the polished furniture, use sauerkraut juice or milk. Dip a chamois into one of these liquids and wipe the furniture with it, then wipe with a dry cloth once more.

The Moths

A good mean for fighting these pests is the oregano. Make a gauze bag, fill it with oregano and put it in the closet. The scent will of this plant will repel the insects.

The Shoes

Solidified leather can soften with a little castor oil. Smear them with it and let it stand for several hours.

The Cockroaches

They cannot tolerate the smell of ammonia. Wash the floor with water to which you have added a tablespoon of ammonia.

The Glasses

When you go from cold to warm surroundings, their lens get sweaty. To avoid this inconvenience, smear them with equal parts salicylic alcohol and glycerin.