First inspect the rooms for damaged, torn or broken objects, which for some reason you still keep and discard them. Do not wait for the next big cleaning, because by then you will certainly gather other unnecessary items. If you still wait to store your summer clothing and footwear – do it, but before that you need to wash them. This will save you additional work during the spring cleaning and your clothes will be kept in perfect condition and flavor.

Get rid of any accumulated piles of newspapers, magazines, packaging, etc. The paper is an excellent place for the accumulation of so harmful house dust, which leads to dangerous allergies. In case you want to save some paper items, such as postcards, put them in an appropriate place, so as not to collect dust.

Open the fridge and the kitchen cupboards and do a complete revision – usually we forget there all kinds of foods and products. Pre-holiday cleaning is a great time to defrost the fridge and freezer in case that you haven’t done it soon (it is recommended to do this at least twice a year). Once you have finished with the release of the cupboards and fridge, you will have much more room for the goodies which you will buy and prepare for the holidays.

Clean all lamps, lampshades, locks, shelves and other places in which are accumulated dust and dirt. Do not forget the fingerprints on the glass surfaces. Select the appropriate polishing agents to make your home look professionally cleaned.

It is time to wash the curtains, drapes and bedding. All harmful particles in the air are deposited on them and then constantly circulate in the rooms. Wash them before you start the cleaning of the windows, otherwise the effect will not be the same. Clean the upholstery and window frames in your home with proper preparations. You will make sure that after these actions everything inside will smell of new and clean.

Enter the bathroom and clean the tiles, mirrors and taps – this is the place that shows how good housewife are you. Choose appropriate disinfectants and detergents that will polished every surface in this premises till it shines.

Don’t forget the basement and the attic, where you definitely have accumulated unnecessary items. If you find any of the previous great holiday cleaning that you have not used in the recent months, so you do not need – discard them or gift them. We all know that they will never come into use, once they reached the attic or the basement, so it makes no sense to have a place in your home.

Remember to take care for the plants at home, in addition to its beauty is their ability to clean the air. Extremely useful in this is the aloe, which cares not only for your skin but also effectively filters formaldehyde and benzene, which are byproducts of painting, cleaning and cigarettes. The best place for this plant is in the sun near the window. If you prefer flowering plants, good choice is the azalea. It can purify air by the harmful particles that can be found in the insulation, such as a foam pad. This flower loves cool places, so keep azaleas away from heating appliances.

Usually the great pre-holiday cleaning takes a lot of time, but if you do parts of it every day, the great cleaning will not be so exhausting. Preparing the house for the holidays and the food preparation should not take up all your free time you could spend with your family. If you decide not to engage with it and leave it in the hands of professionals, just contact us!


Happy Holidays!