The service, After Party cleaning, is complex because it consists of a number of activities to ensure the complete disinfection of all surfaces, eliminating damage as spots and clutter and the collection of all garbage, sets of decorations and even washing the floors, furniture and kitchen utensils. All this you can get immediately after the reception, even without you lift a finger. The only thing required of you is to contact us and book your After Party cleaning service. Once you tell us the type of the event – children party, a birthday celebration with the company, an official reception or whatever else you can think of and organize – we will consider the potential contamination so we can send the proper team of experts. Moreover – our personnel will carry modern equipment for thorough sanitation of the premises and the surfaces (hard and soft) and of course, completely harmless and environmentally friendly, but also sufficiently effective detergents. Do not worry about possible negative consequences of noxious fumes or toxic ingredients that might impair your children or pets. Our products are completely safe and your good health and satisfaction are always on the first place in our list!


That’s right – we work for you and we want your only memory for the party to be connected with fun and joy. The thought of the consequences, most often fail the atmosphere and the mood of the hosts and you do not want to fail your good time with sour face, right? It is not necessary to have one – smile and have fun as much as you can. Do not skimp your strength for afterwards. When the party is over, we will come to give you the necessary time for rest and relaxation after this positive and exciting experience. Do not hesitate to order additional cleaning tasks, if you think you need them. No matter of the occasion of your party and no matter how much contamination you can expect from your guests – we are ready for any situation and we can promise that the final result will amaze you! So, have fun and call us!