Scorpio – Everything needs to shine with cleanliness

This sign holds up with the household like with everything else – fiercely. The cleanliness at home becomes a matter of life and death. Everything needs to be perfectly tidy, scrub till its glare and immaculately clean. Obsessed with this fixed idea, with wild flame in their eyes, they crawl on the floor, scrubbing, wiping and brushing until their hands started bleeding. The pain doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the cleanliness will prevail! Sir Scorpio will not rest until the glorious battle with the dirt is completed, until the bathroom ceiling is freed from the bondage of the mold and at home finally rules the perfect cleanness.


Sagittarius – They clean but hate to arrange

Only this sign can both clean well and boast even better. Look at them how they polished the tiles in the bathroom and how shiny are the metal surfaces. Did anyone ever in the world have been able to achieve such perfection in cleaning? Sagittarians love and know how to clean. The question is whether they will find inside them enough constancy to do this regularly. The other big issue is the arrangement. Not that they hate the order. Just like every person they love to relax in a clean and tidy home. How is their fault that the house is getting messy by itself – moreover before you can say knife?


Capricorn – The best with allocation of the duties

They are the best strategists in the zodiac. Every part of the cleaning is planned – jointly, gradually and methodically and of course in time defined by him or her. The Capricorn divides in equal shares the duties between the members of the family. Of course, not everyone agrees with the allocation, but Capricorn manages to convince them – with bribery, blackmail or even threats. The fact that someone may have other plans for the day also is overcame with a little more pressure. Eventually everyone takes up with its share of the work. For themselves, Capricorns save only the tasks which they really like. It is certain that no matter what happens they will never do something unpleasant or boring.


Aquarius – Never infringe the routine

Every Aquarius has personal method for cleaning – it is must be made in a specific day and precisely defined order. You may don’t understand why he wants to wipe the floors of corridor first instead of these in the rooms, provided he will make it dirty when he goes to the rooms. It may seem unreasonable, but you know what is more unreasonable? If you try to change the order. Aquarius observes it for years and no one can interfere there and give him advice. Do not try to stop him to wash the windows, because it was raining outside. For him, this is not an argument. Since the schedule says that it’s time for washing of the windows – so it will be done, even if it’s raining cats and dogs.


Pisces – They hate the cleaning whole-heartedly

Notorious dreamers Pisces are inert in almost everything, including arranging and cleaning the house. So it seems to the outside observer who noticed how they apply all sorts of tricks to postpone to the last the nasty chores. The truth is even worse – they avoid doing it because truly hate the housekeeping. For them walking round the room with a rag in hand is annoying and pointless. Complete waste of time. They really don’t understand who needs it. Eventually they get to work when things have got hot, but don’t be surprised that all they will smash doors and grumble all the time.