1. If you hate to clean the garbage – you are extremely stressed

Only tremendously stressed person can endure the disgusting odor drifting from the forgotten disposal bag with garbage … Maybe it is time to rethink the daily tasks that definitely burden you to a level which makes you untouched of the stench around. Take a break and go somewhere quiet where you will restore your good psychic balance and hopefully your sense of smell.


2. If you hate to clean the bath – then you are spontaneous person

The phrase “long-term planning” inspires you … to roll your eyes. You absolutely don’t understand people who can’t live without plans. Yes, your bath definitely needs a good cleaning, but you have so much more important things to do. As they say in the famous proverb – “Do not leave today’s work for tomorrow if you can leave it for the day after tomorrow”.


3. If You hate to organize your wardrobe – you are very lucky because it means that you are optimistic person

With the change of every season you get an instant impulse to change the clothes in your closet with more appropriate to the temperature outside. Then you stand up, resolved to try all means to do this task…. but eventually you go somewhere else. Do you know why? Because in your wardrobe there are clothes which are suitable for every season and you know it. That is how an optimist thinks!


4. If you hate to wash the dishes – you are creative kind of person

Your culinary creations deserve review in a specialized magazine, but those dishes … dirty plates, stirrers, etc. You can happily devote several hours of cooking and experimenting with a new recipe, but not 10 minutes to clean. Even if you had a dishwasher, you will get lost on the way to it.


5. If you hate to sweep the fallen leaves – that’s fine, you are an individualist

It is Saturday, the lazy autumn day. Fallen leaves are all around your entrance. You see neighbors who have come out with foresight and organizing and cleaning. And you watch them from where? Of course, from the comfort of your living room. What do you think? These people squander such a nice day off…


6. If you hate to fold the laundry – you can be define as a pragmatic

Let’s say that you have passed the challenge to put the laundry in the machine, to pour the preparation and press the button. Clothes are now hung out, but at some point they will dry. Remove the clothes from the clothesline… and then what – maybe fold it? Why should you do that, if after a few hours or days you are going to iron them? Unfold, ironing, fold again … such a waste of time.


7. If you hate to clean the fridge, it is all clear – you are perfectionist

A messy perfectionist is not an oxymoron. In fact, this phenomenon is more common than you think. Why? The reason is that, this is the perfectionist who will not move a finger unless he or she intends to do something perfectly.


8. If you hate to clean the bathroom tiles, it’s a good thing – that means that you are person who thinks big

From a distance, long distance, your bathroom looks great. Until the moment when someone takes a close look at the tiles. Why should you maintain them, as it is best to wait for the big repairs or the new apartment? Think big!


9. If you hate to clean the dust at home – congratulations, you are a realist!

Dust is like the death and taxes – you can’t get rid of it! So, no need of worries, anyway it will always win.


10. If you hate to use the vacuum cleaner – it appears that you have an artistic nature!

Those who like to clean with the vacuum cleaner, you know what they love? They love the rhythm of pulling and pushing the machine forward, backward, sideways, etc. And you do not. You prefer to paint, dance, and sing … even if you should never do that!