Taurus – They make a plan of action

The Taurus doesn’t really care about the housekeeping. That doesn’t means that they are not tidying and cleaning. On the contrary – they keep an eye on the entire housework. Taurus always has a strict plan on how sequence everything needs to be done. The day, determined by the Taurus to bring order at home begins this way:

09.30 am – breakfast and coffee; from 10.00 to 10.30 – pulling together and making an action plan; 10.30 – beginning of the Great cleaning; 12.00 am – coffee break; Around 13.00 pm – resumption of the working process; 14:30 – it is high time for lunch. And so on until they are done. A Taurus is always acting diligently, slowly and methodically.


Gemini – Flying hither and thither

They are like bees – flew there, flew here. Start one, but still unfinished, they pounce on another. At the end of the cleaning day their house looks like this: all glasses, pots and spices are brought to the kitchen counter and table. Lockers are washed – without the latter. One of the windows in the living room is polished, the mop and the bucket are in the bathroom and 2/3 of the floor is shining. The bedroom is upside down because the sheets are removed for replacement; new ones are on the bed, just below all the winter clothes waiting to be arranged and replaced by the summer ones. The housekeeper is exhausted and the result is negative. It’s not easy to be a Gemini!


Cancer – Do not look in the wardrobe

Cancer is almost the perfect host. When you go to his house you will make sure that everything is tidy – the living room, hallways, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The representatives of this sign devote much time for cleaning, sorting and polishing all the main areas where might step the foot of an outsider. They love the beauty and know how to create comfort. Just do not open their wardrobe! You’ve seen it in the movies, or if your sign is Cancer, you know what we mean. Cabinets and closets must be open with caution and hand ready to meet the springing mess from the inside. According to every Cancer this is normal: if the guests cannot see it, why should I fix it?


Leo – They are really hard cleaners

You can never expect such a thing from a Leo but they are surprisingly good at cleaning. They will scrub the stove and the tiles to perfection. There won’t be any cobwebs left on the ceiling after their cleaning. They will never put up with the blackened joints in the bathroom and there won’t be even a spot in the windows cleaned by them. The problem is that they do it only when they decide and for their own pleasure. They don’t care that you were asking them dozens of times at least to dump trash. In compensation, after their cleaned, you can be sure that the house will shine. Most importantly do not forget to admire them properly – wordily and repeatedly.


Virgo – Effective and methodical

The question is not whether the Virgo clean but if they ever stop to clean. For them there is no day of the week dedicated to the cleaning the house. However the idea of a great autumn cleaning does not seem redundant. For that sign it is a feast for the soul and reason for even greater cleaning. Music booms and they are riding the vacuum cleaner, moving from room to room. On their way of course methodically rearrange, organize, clean and disinfect. Once they have combed the fringes of the carpet so that to be completely parallel, they can relax and enjoy the results. After them remains immaculate order and cleanliness.


To be continued…