Everyone knows how important is the thoroughly house cleaning to make your home welcoming and cozy. At least once in every two weeks you should roll up your sleeves and arm with all sorts of preparations and of course to clean every corner in every room. But in case you forgot to buy a particular cleaner or you cannot deal with some persistent dirt (rust, burnt vessels or mold deposits), do not rush to despair. We can assure you that in your kitchen cupboards you have everything you need. The only detail is to know how to use it but even if you don’t, just follow our advices.


Lemons – these citrus fruits are known mainly as an ingredient in the homemade cosmetics but the nature has taken care to give them some extra benefits. The citric acid effectively removes dirt and rust and mixed with salt makes wonders. A simple way to clear the kitchen surfaces is to dip half a lemon in baking soda and rub the dirty area (but only if they are not made of marble or stainless steel because the surfaces will darken). Then wipe with a damp cloth and dry. If you want to remove the food, left on the boards of light wood or plastic, squeeze the juice of one lemon over it, rub the surface with a brush and let it stand for about 20 min. After that rinse lavishly and the magic is done. Another useful trick with lemons is if you want to make your laundry whiter. Simply add to the water which you will use for rinse half cup of lemon juice and the white is going to be bright.


Baking soda (bicarbonate soda) – this is the perfect tool against odors at home. Moreover, it cleans perfectly the burnt vessels, the persistent depositions and even the pastel drawings on the walls (in case that you have a little scamp at home, who wants to be an artist). If there is dried grease on your utensils, take a brush with stiff hairs, dip it into baking soda and rub the dirty places. Then rinse with clean water and the utensils will be shine again.


I’m sure that every one of you knows more or less about the magical characteristics of the two ingredients which I mentioned above. But do you know about the magic of the white bread? If you have a really valuable painting at home, you can remove the dust from it with a single slice of white bread. Just pass gently through the surface of the painting with the slice and the true colors will be back instantly.


You may never believe but a perfect way to remove the dirty deposits from copper and brass vessels is – with ketchup! Yes, you’ve got it right; the ingredient which makes the most persistent stains can be very useful in the cleaning. Squeeze a little ketchup on a soft cloth and rub the dirty utensils. Within minutes they will get back their natural color. Rinse with warm water and dry.


Rice – can be used for delicious meals and very handy for cleaning the deep vases and bottles with a thin neck. The recipe is simple – fill ¾ of the vessel with warm water and add a tablespoon of raw rice. Plug the hole with your hand and shake it strong and vigorous. Empty and rinse.