It is wondered why when people or their relatives have health issues to solve, they are looking for the best specialists and the best treatment and don’t notice that their homes are also suffering, on the energy level. And even if they notice the connection between their place of living and themselves, they deal perfunctorily with that matter and do not take any actions. Our homes have their own energy, just like us. The cleaning inside has created a whole industry – all sorts of detergents and appliances. There are some easy steps which will help us to get rid of the bad energy at home.


First of all, you need to remove all of your belongings which are not in use for a very long time. This will help you in two ways – it will clean place for new things and your home won’t be crowded with useless household goods. Rummaged through every nook and corner in your home and review all cabinets and drawers. Right there are piled up a lot of things that are generally not in use. And they are the reason for the accumulation of negative energy, which is spread throughout the house. It won’t be easy to decide what to keep and what to throw away but believe me the final result will be satisfying. Throw off all the things that are broken or cracked and clean your home from the old broken devices which waits to be repaired from years.


It is very important to take care of the interior. To clean the paths of the energy in your home make sure that there is no furniture which blocks any of the entrances inside. You can hang wind chimes because they attract the positive energy but don’t forget to clean them often because in other case there will be no point of them. It’s a good idea to get some houseplants to purify and freshen the air, and one of them may be bamboo – a magnet for wealth and prosperity.


Do not neglect windows, no matter what season it is, the glass should shine with cleanliness. Just so the daylight will penetrate every corner of the room and increases the flow of positive energy in the rooms. There’s something else – washing windows can clear you mind, especially if you are struggling with a serious dilemma.


The hall is the first room that you see when you go home, so make it comely. Put a new mat at the front door to invite positive energy in your home. Keep mud and dirty shoes outside when you can clean it in the moment. Here is also a good place to put wind chimes and house plant to filter the energy. Do not forget an elephant for luck and money – facing away from the door part, of course.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means that the presence of the positive Chi energy here is required. If your cooker is to the wall, hang a mirror over it – it symbolizes abundance and wealth. Keep the fridge and cabinets properly clean and tidy, discard the rugged dishes and polish the utensils.


The bedroom is very important place so you need to ensure your healthy and calm sleep. The sleep become restless when the bedroom is crowded or inappropriate arranged. The reason is that the positive power Chi is mixed with the static one and loses its strength. Except that you should place the furniture according to Feng Shui rules, try to keep your wardrobe in good order, floors and smooth surfaces – shining and technique – away of the room.