Myth 1: “The services of the cleaning companies are expensive”

Nowadays there are more and more companies and individuals that offer house cleaning. After a short search you will see for you that there is a huge variety of services which are quite affordable. It is important to choose a company that has been checked, the cleaners have all necessary documents and mandatory experience in this field. The best way to check what quality of service a company offers is to rent it.


Myth 2: “If I hire strangers, they will rob me”

Well, that may be true, but only if you hire people without a contract or strong recommendations! If you hire a cleaning company such a thing cannot happen – all businesses rely on their reputation, especially in today’s digital era. Moreover – as hire a cleaning company – either permanently or for a single visit, in most cases you can sign a contract that is a guarantee for the delivered quality of service and that nothing will disappear or be damaged or broken.


Myth 3: “The cleaning companies always use toxic detergents”

It’s actually the opposite! As in recent years, people are becoming more aware and concerned about their health and the environment, more cleaning companies work with biodegradable cleaning products. Before you hire a cleaning company must ask what products work. This can be checked on the website of the company.


Myth 4: “Other people will think that I’m a snob”

Many people worry that if they hire helpers to clean their house, others will think of them as snobs or even worse – they are unable to cope alone. Actually, it is not a myth – there will be many people who will indignantly tick tongue. But in the end, you should not depend on the others opinion – if you prefer to spend your free time with the family, not with a rag in hand, hiring a cleaning company is the best solution, regardless of the contemptuous remarks of your neighbors!


Myth 5: “There is no reason to hire cleaners, provided that I’m dealing with the daily cleaning”

Often, the daily cleaning is not difficult. But when it comes to a thorough cleaning at home, hiring professionals can save a lot of time and effort. Professional cleaning companies offer various services and flexible working hours. You can hire helpers for the big spring cleaning, after builders’ cleaning or just after a big party with many guests. There are also separate services, carpets and upholstery cleaning, windows cleaning, mold cleaning (you know that it is a big problem in the island) and more.


Do not conform to the other people opinions! When your time is not enough or you need extra help to deal with the chaos and filth at home, just call us :)