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Feng Shui teaches that if you want success, you must make a start with lay the beginnings with the reconstruction of your home. The first thing to do is to remove everything negative that prevents you to reach the desired prosperity. The Energy in your home can flow smoothly, stagnate or the opposite – rush along like an arrow. In the last two cases adjustment is necessary. Just think how much unnecessary items wallow in the rooms. The disorder and the neglect of the house is a major reason for the poor state of energy in it. The problem is that if you have accumulated negative energy in your personal space, it will affect every aspect of your life and it there will be standstill.

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Every woman, sooner or later, after the appearance of the child in the family, realizes that the household chores significantly increased. The important thing here is the division of the family responsibilities – as the burdens and the pleasures. Imagine the following situation – you are faced before the next home disaster – dishes are lying undisturbed on the kitchen table, paper, toys and food remains are scattered everywhere and you feel the blood rushes to your head and with it come the frustration and despair – you’ll still have to deal with the chaos alone. How to deal with this mess? Here are two cunning plans of action which you can combine or change. It does not matter how; the important goal is to unite the efforts with your husband as a team.

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Nowadays we rarely have enough time for everything – work, hobbies, family, friends, household chores. In this position, it often happens to spend your day off in cleaning rather than pay attention to yourself or your loved ones. But should it be so? There are many companies that offer house cleaning, but many people prefer to struggle on their own instead of hiring help. There are 5 common myths about hiring help at home and with this article I’ll prove you that they are wrong!


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