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Effective, safe and economically efficient cleaning is not as easy as most people assume. Even within the professional community, there are many myths that perpetuate misconceptions about appropriate methods and procedures for cleaning. Below you will find the most common myths associated with cleaning. The more cleaning professionals are well aware of these misconceptions and sufficiently trained, the less likely it is to make a mistake in their assessment. The adequate information will contribute to cleaner buildings and beautiful offices, and hence more satisfied employees and guests.

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verybody loves the parties, but no one likes the cleaning after that! There is hardly anyone who would refute that fact and there is hardly anyone who, at least once in their life, are not faced with a huge mess after a big party. It is time to put an end to the torment, called polishing utensils, wiping tables and collecting the garbage after every celebration. You no longer need to give up organizing celebratory events, just because then you’ll have to clean. From here on your party ends when just like for every guest – because we and our trained and equipped with the necessary equipment team are here to help.

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Looking at the calendar, we can see how many holidays are coming and in the foreground appears the traditional pre-holiday cleaning. Right now is the perfect time to make your home cosy and to do this not particularly a favorite of most people work. A fun way to include the whole family in the cleaning is to turn it into a game. Thus even the children will join and the tedious work will become a celebration for everyone. Divide the tasks between all parties involved in the cleaning game and let the fun begin!

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“Everything new is a well-forgotten old” they said and this is an absolute fact. We collect for you some of the most interesting domestic tricks and tips, used by the housewives in the past which, we hope, will be very useful for you.

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Do not believe on everything you have heard about how to keep your home in an excellent appearance. Some versions date back to the time of your grandmother, other are based on a questionable logic and a third not only do not work but harm.


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