Dirty chore № 1 – Emptying the trash bag and the wastes from the vacuum cleaner

Why that teases us: When the bag is half full, the vacuum cleaner cannot pull hard enough and some of the dirt returns to the room. The more you fill it, the harder it works. If you do not empty it on time, the motor can be overloaded and burn.

What to do: Run the machine for a minute or two to collect all the dirt in the bag and then unplug it. If you use a vacuum cleaner with disposable bags, stick a piece of tape over the mouth of the bag so the contents wouldn’t come out. If you use standard bags it is better to work on the terrace or porch. Empty the trash bin, wash well the bag and leave it to dry. The best option is to buy a vacuum cleaner with a water filter that collects the garbage in a container. Polluted water in the container can be easily poured out into the toilet. The water filter retains the particles and they cannot fall into the room.


Dirty chore № 2 – Cleaning the bugs from the lamps

Why that teases us: The hot surface of the lamps sticks and retains the bugs and they accumulate on it which makes the cleaning very difficult. Although they are not dangerous to the health, these deposits are very unpleasant.

What to do: Turn off the lamps and use the ladder to reach them if they are placed high. It is important to have a good look on it so make sure that they are in the height of your eyes. Unscrew the shades, rinse it with water and dry them. Use a soft cloth to clean the lamp bulb. If it is necessary leave the shades in water in order to remove the debris. If there are more, you need to use a stiff brush. Then wipe it and fit them back. Turn on electrical switches.


Dirty chore № 3 – Cleaning the ceiling fan

Why that teases us: The dirt is a wonderful environment for mites, which increase the risk of allergies. The ceiling fan performs movements which can spread the mites and the harmful particles in the air.

What to do: Disable the device and place newspapers or old pieces of fabric on the floor beneath it. It is good to cover an area, twice larger than the dimensions of the attic fan on width. Fill a bottle with a mixture of water and vinegar. Moisten a cloth of soft material with this mixture. Put shower hat to protect your head. For the cleaning you can use an old pillowcase or bag for shoes. Step on a ladder so that your head will be above the fan and place one of the oars inside a wet pillowcase and pull. This will clean the dirt and it will stay inside the case.


Dirty chore № 4 – Scrubbing the trash can

Why that teases us: Dumped food and fluids sometimes go beyond the trash and can fall in pets and small children. Inside the trash can might develop mold and unpleasant odors from the food and fall spores in the air and cause allergy.

What to do: In addition to the usual emptying of the trash bin sometimes it is necessary to clean it with disinfectant if the dirt id too much. Sprinkle it with a suitable detergent and give it some time to affect. Then with rubber gloves clean the dirty parts inside and rinse. That’s all.