The solution to most of the problems in the everyday life is to attack their sources. In this case, however, this is impossible because the domestic dust has many sources. Although you cannot eliminate the factors that cause the accumulation of it in your home, then you can significantly reduce its impact.


According to a research 90% of the house dust enters inside through the people and the cloths. The lack of air draught leads to lodgments of these fragments all over the tops at home. On the other hand the places where there are constant movements (for example, the doors and windows), dust particles continuously circulate in the air – a fact which is even more harmful than the lodgments.


In the fight with the dust there is one very important fact – you need to keep the floors in the wardrobes, corridors and the closets free from any belongings and accessible for cleaning. These areas are particularly pliable to collecting dust because clothes are a constant source of fiber and dirt brought from outside. As for the halls and corridors, that is the place where the shoes and coats stayed and we all know what covers it. So, keep the floors easy for cleaning and you will eliminate one of the external sources of the dust.


The other momentous step is to change your linen every week. Your bed is a perfect habitat for these nasty little things, named dust mites. To minimize the damage you need to beat out the blankets and the pillows every day. The dirty linen needs to be folded carefully because the dust may scatter around.


“Capture” the dust and don’t spread it around the room. The standard cleaning aids, like feathers and dry towels, rub a minimal part of the dust and the larger part is just spreading around. That is why the better way to clean the dirty surfaces is with wetted clout or the special towels made for this purpose.


The dirtiest place in the house is the floor and the things which cover it – like the carpets. They are the biggest reservoir of the dust at home, especially the thicker one. Their fibers and the lining underneath are full with dirt and every step upon it carried the dust around. The best idea is to remove all the things that cover the floor because the parquet or every other kind of flooring is much easier to be cleaned without anything on it. If there is no way to do that you need to use the vacuum-cleaner every day and to wash the carpets at least once in year.


As you are doing your regular cleaning at home make sure that you won’t forget to take care of the air inside. It is very important to ventilate all of the rooms regularly because the dust circulates inside without a break. If you have an air condition or a fan you need to clean the filters very often because they stopped the harmful particles. One of the best ways to clean the air in your home is to cultivate the right flowers for that purpose. The perfect natural air filter is the well-known aloe. It reduces the amount of toxic substances (absorbs up to 90% of the formaldehyde, which is released from the furniture made of chipboard). Nighttime produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.