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The ecology is gradually becoming a mission to anyone who thinks about the future of their children. Challenges are everywhere: exhaust gases, dusty streets and armies of allergens that haunt us everywhere. To prevent the appearance of allergies, to you and your children, to limit the time and again suffering from viruses, infections, and last but not least – to have peaceful dreams of the whole family, take care for the green environment in your home. We can create a healthy microclimateto ourselves, even if we live among the poisons of the big city.

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More and more people realize the harm of toxic chemicals, which are sold in stores. On the Internet an increasing number of recipes for homemade cleaners. However, when it comes to cleaning the carpet stains, or even washing and disinfection of the entire carpet seems to have no choice but dangerous chemicals. Therefore, we decided to share with you some ways of ecologically safe cleaning of the carpets at home.

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In the modern world we are unable to imagine the life without cars. The continuous use, along with the dust and dirt outside, make them soiled very fast. In this article, we’ll do a tutorial on how to clean your car as professionals – just follow the steps.

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Regardless of how you use and clean your furniture, it will look much better if you choose a proper upholstery. Those furniture which you use daily and bear many external influences, need to be upholstered with a fabric that is not only beautiful but also durable. When you are buying upholstered furniture or fabric upholstery you should know that the more the number of threads in the fabric, the more durable it will be. The number of fibers is measured per square centimeter of the fabric. As upholstery is that part of the furniture that bears the strongest outside influences when you choose the material you need to consider its durability, resistance to dirt, fading and creasing, and of course ease of cleaning.

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The cleaning at home is not a favorite activity for the people who live there but it is necessary and advisable. We offer you a manual for the cleaning of your house, with the help of which, without expensive and harmful to the health products you will disinfect every corner inside.


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