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With the coming of the baby the hygiene at home must be up to standard. It’s no longer a problem only to remove the dust and wipe the windows.Which is the vest way to maintain your home and what products to use? On this and many other questions you will find answers in the following lines.

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“A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.” said Dalai Lama and that is the pure truth. Our home is the place where we can relax, be who we really are and literally clean ourselves. So it is very importing for every one of us to live in a home without dirt. That unfortunately is not always attainable. There are very obvious and in the same time hidden places where the filth takes place and we can do nothing to clean it. Don’t worry, we’ll reveal you this spots.

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One of the first things in our home that makes impression is the carpets. Many housewives are experiencing significant difficulties in the cleaning of this important detail at home. The situation becomes even harder if we add a pet and of course small children. Inevitably, the spots become a nightmare in the everyday life of even the most fastidious people. For your convenience, we will present several solutions how to clean some of the most popular stains.

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The mold is among the most annoying intruders in our home. Its cleaning is not just an ordinary task, which you actuated by your aesthetic feelings but it is a very important work that you need to take up if you want to guarantee the good health of your family. The mold can become a very serious problem, especially when we talk about its spores. They can cause a significant change for the worse to the health and more specific they can increase the risk of respiratory diseases. In practice we can find mold everywhere in our home. Most often, however, this pollutant of the domestic space is hiding in the more humid parts of the house – such as the bathroom and wet rooms. If there are parts in your house which are wetter than normal, it can “blooms” there too. The bad hydro insulation of walls and roof can also be a serious condition that provokes the appearance of mold at home.


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