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Seeing heavily soiled aquarium each of us has wondered how to clean it in the best way. Whether to empty it, to wash everything and load it again or to clean it without ruin it completely? The answer is: if you ruin it completely you will kill all bacteria colonies that process the waste products inside. You can choose this option in case of extremely poor condition. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves and with our simple tips you will bring the fish-globe back into shape. Here’s what you need to do this:

stains-clean Magic of Cleaners - Blog - Page #7

It is well known that the upholstery of the drawinsroom suite in the living room is one of the most difficult places to clean at home. The problem lies in the fact that the fabric of the upholstery is very fine and fragile. In everyday life we constantly make stains whether we will leave behind a spot of beer, wine, juice, chocolate, coffee and even chewing gum. In the next few lines of the article we will give you guidance on how to deal with this problem in the best way.

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Cleaning the house is annoying but necessary exercise. It is important not only because it delivers comfort and pleasure during the time we spend at home, but is a must for healthy living. Here arises the main question: How often should I clean my home? In the following lines we will try to answer this question.

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According to a study in the UK, local families damaging clothes worth about 100 million pounds each year because they were improperly washed. On this occasion we, in the role of experts in this business, have collected for you the most interesting suggestions for efficient washing and stain removal. Discover which are the most common techniques for the removing of stubborn stains and protect the strength of materials as long as possible. At first it may seem strange, but for start you can test it on an old garment before you apply them on your favorite skirt or blouse.

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The clean mattress provides a healthy environment at the place where we spend 1/3 of our life – the bedroom. If you regularly replace your linen, wash thecurtains and carpet, cleaning the sofas and armchairs, you remove not only the visible dirt, but the millions of harmful microorganisms, known as mites. Named domestic or dust, they penetrate into all modern homes and live in bedding, carpets, mattresses. The purity of the place where we sleep is something we certainly do not want to underestimate. Although this type of cleaning is performing relatively rare, the lack of it, leads to unpleasant discomfort in the long run.


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