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Fridge Magic of Cleaners - Blog - Page #8

Very often, the refrigerator works poorly because of the complete neglect …

Very few people realize that with the timely and simple preventio, then life of the refrigerator can be doubled and the the cost of the electricity can be reduce by half. It is enough to follow the tips that our professionals share for you:

Laundry Magic of Cleaners - Blog - Page #8

The best way to wash silk clothes is by hand in lukewarm water using a mild detergent. You should not leave it long in the solution, wash it as soon as possible. Do not leave clothes to dry too much, iron it while they are still damp.

No matter how sterile and clean your home is, the microbes always manage to find a secret place where they multiply patiently, waiting to attack your body. The regular domestic cleaning is vital to the health of the entire family. And although, an environment without any microbes is virtually impossible, you can take some precautions against the spread of the latent forms of bacteria which, although invisible, causing serious ailments of the body (including nausea, diarrhea, allergy). Here is how to effectively control microbes home.


The first thing to do is to lead in a rule, to leave the shoes outside the front door (if you live in a house) or in a mat in the hall. Do not walk around with shoes through the premises (unless they are brand new) and do not leave your bag on the bed and table. According to the surveys, these two items of clothing are the worst carrier of germs as coming in daily contact with all sorts of surfaces and substances.


After each use of the washing machine and the dishwasher leave the door open for at least several hours to evaporate the residual moisture. Wipe gaskets with a dry cloth, as there also remain droplets of water, which in combination with the tire become an ideal environment for mold. It is good at least once every 10 days to wash with bleach that will disinfect microbes stick to the drum from the dirtiest clothes.

Feng-shui Magic of Cleaners - Blog - Page #8

It is September, the summer slowly goes away and also the lazy holidays, it’s time to brace ourselves up and put some things in order. Generally people do spring cleaning but you have no idea how important is this at the end of the summer, mostly because we need to make our home a perfect place to waiting our next vacation. That is the best moment to do some changes at home and bring the good energy of Feng shui inside.

kitchen-cleaning Magic of Cleaners - Blog - Page #8

Probably many of you spend plenty of hours while cleaning the house. And probably while doing the annoying clenaing you surreptitiously dream of fast and efficient methods to save that time and effort. Well, with some surprising tricks you can achieve that dream.


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