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Aries – Beware of their way, they are not cleaning, they are flying.

Their horns let out sparks while they jostle in the corners of the apartment. Under their hooves the dust is raising. Arians will turn the house upside down, will beat the dust out of the carpets, will arrange the closets, they will wash and rearrange the shelves – and everything will be done with the speed of lightning. As the mythical six-armed god Shiva they can raise mountains of clothes, books and tableware and in the same time to move the furniture – generally speaking, it is scary to look at them. The Arias will do a huge amount of work in no time and meanwhile you better don’t stay on their way. Make them believe that you work quietly in the most distant corner of the house, while the Arias did not come to dislodge you from there, because he had enough of your dawdle.

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In every list of household chores always present activities that you will perform with pleasure and ease, and others that make you blistering. For some people the day for cleaning is like the perfect day out, while to others – this is a lost day.

The chores that are most hated by you tell many things about your character, see what:

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Libra – The hate all kinds of mops

For Libra the cleaning is definitely not vocation. They think highly of the appearances and don’t like to go into details. It is important home to look trim and the negligible fact that under the bed are gathered slivers – who cares, they cannot be seen, right! What Libra hates in the cleaning? Most probably everything – they hate to get dirty and wet and of course to scrub with brush and a sponge. There must be very good reasons for the sacrifice to take the mop – either guest will come or they want to make their loved ones happy.

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Effective, safe and economically efficient cleaning is not as easy as most people assume. Even within the professional community, there are many myths that perpetuate misconceptions about appropriate methods and procedures for cleaning. Below you will find the most common myths associated with cleaning. The more cleaning professionals are well aware of these misconceptions and sufficiently trained, the less likely it is to make a mistake in their assessment. The adequate information will contribute to cleaner buildings and beautiful offices, and hence more satisfied employees and guests.

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verybody loves the parties, but no one likes the cleaning after that! There is hardly anyone who would refute that fact and there is hardly anyone who, at least once in their life, are not faced with a huge mess after a big party. It is time to put an end to the torment, called polishing utensils, wiping tables and collecting the garbage after every celebration. You no longer need to give up organizing celebratory events, just because then you’ll have to clean. From here on your party ends when just like for every guest – because we and our trained and equipped with the necessary equipment team are here to help.


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