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Although it is not completely harmless as an ingredient for use inside the home, the ammonia is much less aggressive than many synthetic cleaners. If you use natural ingredients to clean the surface and remove bacteria, such as baking soda and vinegar, you can use the ammonia for more stubborn dirt. Note however, that the ingredient can cause asthma. Never mix ammonia with bleach or chlorine because it would create poisonous fumes.

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It is not surprised that the topic of ecological home cleaning excited not only us but also our customers. Over the past months we shared what and what not to clean with vinegar, how to use lemons to keep your home spotless, as well as some more general guidelines for environmentally friendly household maintenance. Today professionals by Magic of Cleaners share their tricks for cleaning with salt – the queen of the table and invaluable in the household.

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Vinegar is among the most common ingredients in many recipes for green cleaning at home. In our previous articles we have shared some effective ways to use its antibacterial and cleaning effects. But, as any other cleaner the vinegar has a “dark side“ too. Here are seven things that you should never clean with this useful fluid.

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Normally, the coconut oil is applied in the hair, skin and health care but probably most of you don’t know that it has multiple applications in the everyday life, which you can try. It is accessible and easy to use, so it is good to have it near at hand at any time, so you can use it when you need it. We’ve collected for you some of the most interesting and useful ways to bring this gift from the nature in your daily round.

In recent times it has become fashionable during the hose cleaning, to be used less chemical cleaners and in many cases they are replaced with an ecological alternatives. Which is not so surprising, when we think how the people cleaned their homes years ago without all these preparations we have today. Despite the lack of detergents, however, the homes have been clean. Of course, now, the contaminants are much more and powerful, but you should not despair. We can safely use the natural resources of our grandmothers to clean at home. Of course, in the office cleaning that is impracticable, but there again if you want to, you can ask the company to use green cleaning products. “Magic of cleaners” also offers this type of cleaning.


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