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For a start it is very important to check every room in your home to find out where is the source of odors. Most likely they indicate some problem or contamination. They can point where is the place where the mold is developing and which are the spots that threaten the health and may cause allergic reactions. Be alert for any of these odors so you can get rid of them in time. We have gathered for you, nine of the most common odors and the ways which can help you to remove it.

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Clogging of the sink drain or this in the bathroom, partial or full, is very unpleasant inconvenience as slowing the flow of the water. While you are washing or bathing , in the sink or on the floor can formed puddles of dirty water and lather with dirt, which may dry on the surface. They can be cleaned very difficult, especially if they stayed for a while. Besides polluting, it can cause dangerous incident if someone stepped on top and slip. Clogged drains can cause flooding and corrosion of the pipeline, as well as intermittent water pressure in the pipes of your home. If the contamination and clogging are serious you may need to seek help from an expert in plumbing or use a detergent to unclog the drain. Before that, we suggest you to try several options which can help you with this matter.

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In the rooms…

Remove the curtains and drapes of the windows and soak it in water mixed with a suitable detergent. After a while rinse them and wait to wring out. The thin drapes you can hang while they are still damp and the curtains hang to the wash-line to dry. In case they are very thick and heavy, do not bother to wash them and choose the better option to take it to the dry cleaning. If you have blinds it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth. Textile blinds and those of specific fabric you can soak in the tub or clean them with a soft brush.


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