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Cleaning with vinegar - suggestion from Magic of Cleaners

Cleaning with vinegar

In recent times, it has become increasingly fashionable to use less cleaning agents or replace them with ecological alternatives. In home cleaning, we can safely substitutepreparations with products that are easy to find in the kitchen. Such as soda, citric acid, vinegar and salt are great cleaning agents, cheaper than preparations, and they even can clean better than them. Plus they do not contain the same chemicals and are far less harmless than the preparations in the shops.

Vinegar, for example, is useful for both the health and the home. Wine vinegar is particularly well suited for home cleaning because it has the same properties as chlorine-based formulations - its acid scavenges the viruses and bacteria. It also removes stains and fats and some metals. It is used actively as a deodorizer and lime depositor.

After wiping the surfaces with a cloth moistened with diluted white wine vinegar, the rooms smell fresh. One of its most common applications is as an additive in water for window cleaning. For this purpose, only 1 tablespoon and 1 liter of warm water are needed. The simple blend helps not only to remove stains from the windows, but also for faster drying, and leaves no traces or drops on the glass. Solution 1:1 vinegar and water does a great job of returning the factory look to the shelves and the walls of the cabinet. It also removes traces and residues from moldy products.

The general hygienisation of the refrigerator can also be done with soda for bread, but for moldy places it does not help while vinegar does.It is also suitable for the sink and toilet bowl, where more bacilli are generally retained. It is enough at night to flood their surfaces with undiluted vinegar, which in the morning only rinses. If dirt has been accumulated at home, but we have to postpone basic cleaning, apple vinegar may be the emergency aid in the situation. Refreshes the home and the easiest way to refresh furniture, carpets and curtains. 

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