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How to clean your home properly against the Corona virus in 7 steps

1. Clean and then disinfect - use a simple but workable 2-step cleaning method - first clean and then cross the surface with disinfectant. For the first step you can use vinegar and a microfiber cloth or just hot water. You must then use an alcohol / alcohol based disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol content. You can also use detergents with bleach in them.

2. Leave your shoes outside - they are not only bringing mud inside but also can potentially spread germs and viruses. Because of that make sure that there are no shoes all over your home but only in the hallway near the door. You should also regularly clean the floor around the front door with the proper detergents and of course you have to disinfect the bottom of the shoes that you use outside.

3. Do not miss the important surfaces - it is easy to remember that we need to disinfect exposed surfaces such as the toilet and kitchen counter tops but we also need to clean those we frequently touch without realizing, such as door handles, lamp switches and handrails. Use bleach or other type of disinfectant and thoroughly wipe with a cloth all those important surfaces that we touch dozens of times a day. It is important that you do not spray anything directly onto the surfaces but first spray the detergent on a cloth and then wipe the surface.

4. Pay attention to all of the devices that can be found in everyone's home and that everybody is touching like remote, tablets, home phone, game consoles. They are a magnet for germs and it is important to clean them daily with a soft cloth sprayed with water and then with a cloth sprayed with disinfectant. The cotton buds can help you to clean the small spaces between the remote control knobs or the keyboard of the computer.

5. Use a steam cleaner - steam is an excellent ally in killing germs and removing dust and dirt. Steam cleaners can be used on any waterproof home surface and are a great way to freshen up and protect against the germs and bacteria. If you have one, use it, you won't regret!

6. Wash the towels that you are cleaning with and replace them frequently - when trying to protect your home from viruses and germs it is not a good idea to use one cloth to clean the entire home as this can spread germs everywhere and get the opposite result. You must take a new cloth, sponge or cloth for each surface. If you think the towel can be reused you can do so but before that wash it thoroughly with warm water.

7. Disinfect thoroughly - how effective the disinfection is and whether you have been able to kill all the germs depends not only on the content of the preparation itself but also the time that it stays on the surface. This "contact time" is necessary to maximize the benefits of the disinfectant. Use detergents that guarantee 99.9% microbial killing and allow them to act on the surface for at least 2-3 minutes.

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